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Colour Selections

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Here is a colour reference guide to help visualize what colour logo will appear on your apparel. Whether that is choosing from our amazing designs featured on our website, or have your own design ideas, turned into a reality. Here at S.D DESIGNS, we offer a large variety of solid and holographic colours from neutral tones to vibrant fluorescents!

Here is a large variety of colours designated for vinyl stickers. S.D DESIGNS uses permanent vinyl which can be applied on any flat surface. Be sure to clean your desired location prior to application with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Gently peel the backing off to apply your vinyl, using either a vinyl squeegee or a plastic card, find the centre of your vinyl and scrape out one way at a time starting from centre. Simply remove the transfer tape and you may use a heat heat gun to remove any small bubbles if necessary.  Please note that applying any vinyls in cold temperatures is not recommended.

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